Live View


Written by NSoft Vision


Live View allows you to see the display of all your active cameras. This section only, allows you to access multiple streams at once.

Figure 1 – Live View

To select a camera, you have to click the camera you want to display on the left side menu, and that camera will be displayed on the right side of the interface.

Figure 2 – Camera selection

Search and Filters

Cameras can be searched by writing the name of the camera in the search fieldbaseline_search_black_24dp.png.
Right next to the search field you can filter cameras by location or label you createdbaseline_filter_list_black_24dp.png
Or change the display order according to the predefined parameters you selectbaseline_swap_vert_black_24dp.png.

Figure 3 – Filters

On the camera list below the search bar, you can see which of the cameras have the AI Service activated. If a camera has AI Service activated, there will be an AI icon on the right side of the camera name.

Figure 4 – AI service activated

In the top right corner of the Live View interface, you can do the following:

  1. Change the number of columnsbaseline_view_column_black_24dp.png in the Live view interface
  2. Activate the full-screenbaseline_fullscreen_black_24dp.png mode of the Live View interface

Figure 5 – Number of columns and Fullscreen

Camera Display

When you hover over a camera display, you can do the following:

  1. Click to open a Timelineoutline_timeline_black_24dp.png of the camera
  2. Expand the camera displayoutline_open_in_full_black_24dp.png (When expanded, you will have the Fullscreenbaseline_fullscreen_black_24dp.png option)
  3. Removeoutline_close_black_24dp.png the camera from the display.

Figure 6 – Camera display options


Saved Views in Live View

Saved views inside the Live View section are made with the purpose of the easier display of a wanted group of cameras. Learn more about the Saved Views here.

mceclip0.pngFigure 7 – Creating a Saved View