Written by NSoft Vision


Timeline is activated by clicking anywhere on the camera display. Once you click it, the display will expand and new options will be available, as will the timeline section. 

Figure 1 – Timeline

  1. outline_arrow_back_black_24dp.png Return to Live View
  2. outline_file_download_black_24dp.png Download the timeline video button (activated once you select a video)
  3. baseline_fullscreen_black_24dp.png Full-screen
  4. outline_insights_black_24dp.png Latest sightings
  5. outline_flag_black_24dp.png Flags & Filters
  6. baseline_search_black_24dp.png Search option
  7. outline_play_arrow_black_24dp.png Return to current time
  8. outline_timeline_black_24dp.png Timeline section

  9. Some options are self-explanatory, while others that require additional explanations will be covered in the following sections.

    Last Sightings

    On Last Sightings, we can see all the last sightings of a person in front of the selected camera. Sightings are ordered by the time of the sighting. By clicking any of the sightings, the identity details card will be opened. The identity detail card is explained in the baseline_folder_open_black_24dp.pngDirectory.


    There are three filters available to filter out information on the timeline:

    Flags - We filter out people by flags

    Validation - We filter out people by validation status

    Gender - We filter out people by gender


    Timeline section allows you to search people that passed next to the camera in a certain time period. By clicking the search option, you open a pop-up window where you can write the name of the identity you are searching for.

    Figure 2 – Search

    Timeline section
    The timeline contains all the sightings of people that appeared in front of the selected camera. Under the timeline, you can see the time and date when a person was sighted on the camera. Scrolling the mouse, you can expand or scale down the time period you are checking. Clicking a picture on the timeline, you are opening a two-minute video of the moment when that person was sighted.

    Figure 3 – Timeline section