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The directory tab allows you to see all of the identities. More details are in the following sections.
Directory Filters

Directory tab contains eight filters to filter the identities and a search field:

  1. Search - Search field is used to search identities by name
  2. Labels - You can filter detected people by groups you added. 
  3. Locations - You can filter detected people by the location they were sighted in. 
  4. Gender - You can filter the detected people by gender.
  5. Age - You can filter the detected people by age. Age can be typed in or you can use the slider to set the age.
  6. Status - You can filter detected people by status.
  7. Flags - You can filter detected people by flags.

NOTE: Only the Saved Views filter group has the + sign that is used to add a new Saved Views.

Figure 1 – Directory filters

Saved Views in Directory

Saved views inside the Directory section are made with the purpose of the easier display of previously selected filter checkboxes.
Each saved view created by the user can be found in the Filters bar under "Saved Views"
Updating a filter selection triggers the saved view icon overlay that stays active until the changes are saved or discarded.

To learn more about the Saved Views, visit this article.

Identity details

Clicking the sighting that has an identity in the system, you will open detailed information about that identity.

Figure 2 – Identity details

In the upper right corner of the identity details window you can do the following:

  1. outline_how_to_reg_black_24dp.png Validate icon 
  2. outline_outlined_flag_black_24dp.png To flag identity
  3. outline_more_vert_black_24dp.png Edit the information, confirm the identity, or delete the identity
  4. outline_close_black_24dp.png Exit the identity details

Figure 3 – Identity validation

Identity details contain four tabs: Overview, Sightings, Similar, and Activity

Overview - The Overview tab gives us the possibility to see on which camera a person was sighted last. There is also a list of identities. On the right side, there are two drop-down menus General and Detections:

- General menu contains Identity ID, Display name, age, and Gender predictions

- Detections menu contains the date and Time of the first and last detection, the total number of detections, and a total number of sightings. 

Figure 4 – Overview

Sightings - Sightings tab contains all the sightings for the selected identity in the current day.

Figure 5 – Sightings

Similar - Similar tab contains all similar identities to the one you are checking. Similar identities are detections where the system is not 100% sure that the person is in the system but recognizes it as similar to xx identity.

Figure 6 – Similar

Activity - The activity tab contains the graphical representation of the sightings per day in one week period and per day in one month period.

Figure 7 – Activity