LVS Installation Procedure


Written by NSoft Vision


Local Vision Server installation procedure: 
Before the installation process, it is mandatory that you prepare and choose the correct format for the bootable USB drive. This will ensure a smooth installation process.

Bootable USB Drive Preparation

Here are the prerequisites.

  • Step 1.

Choose a FAT32 file system instead of NTFS or any other default file system (See figure 1).

Figure 1 – USB drive format

  • Step 2. 

The USB drive has to have at least 8 GB of free space considering the current installation necessities.  Make sure to have this before using the image.

  • Step 3. 

Download the latest ISO file.

  • Step 4. 

In order to create a bootable USB drive, you can use some of the existing tools listed below or the one you prefer. It is mandatory to choose a previously downloaded iso file. Pick one of the tools and rewrite the installation to a USB drive. 

Recommended tools

- Win32DiskImager

- Rawrite32

Figure 2 – Disk imager


Installation Process 

Prepare a bootable USB stick containing the production image received alongside this document.

Insert the stick into a PC machine and choose to boot from the stick. The installation will proceed. (See figure 3)

Figure 3 – Boot Device

Connection code

After installation has been finalized a setup menu will appear. You should insert the following information: 

  • Cloud server – Add hostname using the predefined domain – ""
  • Connection code - In order to generate the connection code, you first must create a location, to do that you need to follow these steps.

Figure 4 – Setup Menu

After an automatic PC reboot, a CMD window will pop up.


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