Custom Permission Groups


Written by NSoft Vision


To add a new group, you have to follow these steps (see Figure 1):

  1. Go to Control Paneltune_FILL0_wght300_GRAD0_opsz20.png, you can find it in the bottom right corner of the starting interface.
  2. When the Control Panel menu opens, navigate to the Groups tab located in the navigation bar.
  3. Under the Groups tab, click the "+" signbaseline_add_circle_outline_black_18dp.png located in the bottom right corner to open two options:

    a) Add User Groupbaseline_people_black_24dp.png
    b) Add Admin Groupbaseline_people_outline_black_24dp.png


Figure 1 – Groups tab


Add User Group

Enter a name and select the space for which you are adding a group. Then click Continue to proceed to the next step where you can set permissions for your group (see Figure 2).

create-new-group.pngFigure 2 – Add user group

Once you've selected the permissions you require, click the Create button in the bottom right corner (see Figure 3).

  1. Application Permissions: Enablebaseline_toggle_on_black_18dp.png access to the application's primary views, such as:
    baseline_live_tv_black_18dp.png Live View
    baseline_folder_open_black_18dp.png Directory
    baseline_description_black_18dp.png Reports
    baseline_timelapse_black_18dp.png Live Reports
  2. Locations: specify which locations will be accessible to users in this group.
  3. Cameras: choose which cameras will be visible to users in this group.

create-new-group-step2.pngFigure 3 – User application permissions


Add Admin Group

To create an admin group, you need to enter a name and choose the space for which you’re adding the group then click Continue to proceed to the next step where you can specify application permissions.

create-new-admin-group.pngFigure 4 – Add admin group

Enablebaseline_toggle_on_black_18dp.png the application permissions you need and click Continue to proceed to the last step where you can set control permissions for your administrator group.

create-new-admin-group-step2.pngFigure 5 – Admin application permissions

You can specify control permissions for each part of the control panel menu. Enablebaseline_toggle_on_black_18dp.png the ones you want to have for your group and click the Create button to complete the process. (see Figure 6)

create-new-admin-group-step3.pngFigure 6 – Control panel permissions