Identity Tracking: Advanced notifications


Written by NSoft Vision


NSoft Vision introduces 'Identity Tracking' - a feature allowing users to track the same identity across different locations. This guide walks you through the setup process.

Identity Tracking overview

Identity Tracking is a smart feature in Vision VMS that allows users to track the same identity across multiple locations. By setting up Identity Tracking notifications, users can receive instant alerts when the same identity appears in multiple locations, allowing them to take immediate action if necessary.

Setting up Identity Tracking notifications

To set up Identity Tracking notifications in Vision VMS, you can refer to the following links for step-by-step instructions:

  1. Configuring a Notification: Initial settings including notification type and behavior.

  2. Selecting Identity Tracking Event: Setup Identity Tracking specifics like notification triggers and tracking parameters.

  3. Finalizing the Notification: Complete setup with filter selection, group management, delivery channels, and notification finalization.

  4. Subscribing to Notifications: After setting up your Identity Tracking notification, make sure you subscribe to start receiving notifications.

Making the most of Identity Tracking notifications

Identity Tracking notifications in Vision VMS are a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your security monitoring capabilities. By tracking the same identity across multiple locations, you can keep a close eye on suspicious activities and respond promptly. Remember, to receive these notifications, you must subscribe to them in your account settings.