What is camera control services (CCS)?


Written by NSoft Vision


Camera control services is the service that does scanning of the local network, access, and control of connected IP cameras. Analog cameras are not supported in Vision.

Camera control services enable access to all the information from one camera, such as the manufacturer's number, MAC address, ONVIF, resolution, framerate, etc.

In an early access phase, it is still not able to pull out all the information for each camera without any issues. The camera control services were tested in NSoft and it has succeeded to scan all cameras as well as other applications with these types of services. We expect this service to develop and improve even more as Vision moves on.

Camera control service consists of services called workers, which sole purpose is to find RTSP streams of cameras in the network and process multiple camera streams. The custom configuration for each setup is to have 4 online workers per server after the installation.