What is sightings thumbnail?


Written by NSoft Vision


A column named "Sighting" is located inside an identity profile as part of the directory. Each registered sighting including timestamp and camera name is located inside that column. Placing cursor on the displayed sighting automatically activates sighting thumbnail which is a short GIF-like preview of a sighting. The thumbnail is therefore triggered by the mouse hover.

Each sighting thumbnail comes with following four options:
1. Download as a GIF format image
2. Set as identity profile image
3. Delete sighting from belonging identity - recommended to do if sighting thumbnail is blury or low quality
4. Move sighting to a different identitiy - if system has made a mistake and wrong person's sighting was added to identity

Sighting thumbnail is a sufficient indicator for the user to check the quality of each sighting that was collected. Either if you want to delete or merge sighting to a different identity, sighting thumbnail quality is a good clue.

If there are blurry sighting thumbnails, dark sightings or sightings with unsatisfactory face angle (horizontally face rotated with more than 30° angle away from camera, or vertically more than 35°) it is best to completely delete the sighting from identity since it can affect the central vector of identity and success score for future recognition.