Does this system have a remote access option?


Written by NSoft Vision


The system supports remote access. Remote access is available when viewing live-streams, recorded footages, reports or captured identities and sightings.

Live-streams or live-viewing - If the content is watched from a device outside of the local network, it's being passed from LAN to a public API which transfers the content to the device. This protocol is used whenever those three types of content are remotely accessed and only then.

Recorded footages -

Identitiy information -

Reports -

Demanded recordings are passed through the network by the process called "Chunk Video Transfer". Meaning, this process divides the content into smaller pieces and in such form sends it through the public API. Finally, right before you click to watch, it's being assembled and gathered in a complete form ready to be viewed. By using this protocol we are saving the network bandwidth and traffic and thus improving the speed of transfer.