Live Reports: Analytical insight in real time


Written by NSoft Vision


Live Reports provides real-time analytical insight, allowing you to accurately monitor the number of people at your locations or in front of a specific camera, at any given time.

What are Live Reports?

Live Reports in NSoft Vision offer real-time data visualization on an interactive map, providing a geographical overview of your locations and insights into the number of people at your locations or in front of a specific camera.

With Live Reports, you can access up-to-date information without the need for manual camera checks, enabling you to make informed decisions based on accurate data presented in an intuitive map interface.

Live filtering

Live Reports offer advanced filtering options, allowing you to narrow down the view to a specific location or camera.

Saved Views

NSoft Vision also offers the ability to create a saved view, allowing you to save a selection of filters for future use. To create your own saved view, click the [+] plus sign next to the saved view filter field, enter a name for your saved view, and click "Create".

Visualizing Real-Time data

In addition to the interactive map, Live Reports also includes a location leaderboard and a top 10 locations list. These features provide a quick snapshot of your most active locations, helping you identify areas with high traffic and activity.

  1. Navigate to Live Reports
  2. Utilizing Filters
  3. Live People Count
  4. Total number of Selected Locations
  5. Total number of Selected Cameras
  6. Top 10 Locations List
  7. Location Ranking (Leaderboard)
  8. Representation of data on an interactive map

Figure 1 – Live Reports.png
Figure 1 – Live Reports