Vision Glossary


Written by NSoft Vision


A dictionary of specialized technical terms with their meanings arranged in alphabetical order.


Name: Active Visitor(s)

Market name: Active Visitor(s)

Definition: Total number of Sightings in a given time frame.

Additional explanation:

This term represents aggregate number of Sightings made by any number of Identities in a particular time period, e.g. week. Data is collected per camera; it is not consolidated. All Sightings, even Sightings without Identity, are part of Active Visitors. Active Visitors are usually analyzed in correlation with Unique Visitors. Throughout application, term mostly comes in plural.



Name: Activity

Market name: Activity

Definition: Total number of Sightings in a given time frame.

Additional explanation: Examples of such events are: "Identity_X detected on Location_Y", ...



Name: Add Image

Market name: Upload Image

Definition: Button that triggers pop-up for image upload. It is present in two pages: 1) Import Identity and 2) Face Query. The context behind image upload depends on mentioned pages.

Additional explanation:

Inside Import Identity page, image upload serves for adding new Identity manually. Inside Face Query page, image upload serves for finding the most similar Identities.



Name: Age Prediction

Market name: Active Visitor(s)

Definition: Automatic age estimation of Identities as a number of years old.

Additional explanation: Estimated age is always an integer. Prerequisite for Age Prediction to take place is Face Detection.




Name: Camera

Market name: Camera

Definition: Record of every camera known to the system. Containing connection and auth info. All extracted entities reference originating camera objects.



Name: Camera Logs

Market name: Camera Logs

Definition: Camera connection / decode info log.

Additional explanation: Within the system we have: Info (blue), Warning (yellow), Error (red), and Panic (red) logs.



Name: Cases

Market name: Cases

Definition: Advanced version of alarm notifications. Defines event trigger, filter, and destination



Name: Clip

Market name: Clip

Definition: Representation of a stored video chunk captured from a streaming camera on some worker.



Name: Company

Market name: Company

Definition: Company logo storage. Referenced by Identities




Name: Detection

Market name: Detection

Definition: Detection of an object on frame processed from one of the cameras. (object types: face and head, values are coordinates of the bounding box). Each detection represents a small subframe of the entire frame. The subframe is detected face. Subframes of the same object during the time intervals in which that object is present on the frame are grouped in one Sighting.


Name: Export Data

Market name: Export Data

Definition: Process of organizing data into informative summaries that can be used for statistical purposes and/or additional analysis.

Additional explanation: Export feature allows users to download accumulated data and store it in a preferred warehousing destination.




Name: Face Detection

Market name: Face Detection

Location and representation (embedding) of the detected face in an image or video frame.

Additional explanation:

Compared to Face identification (tab below), Face detection only answers the question "Is this someone's face".



Name: Face Identification

Market name: Face Recognition

Definition: Comparing given sighting to all known Identities, returns matching identity or no match. Answers: “Who is this?”



Name: Face Query

Market name: Most Similar

Definition: Form that implements the functionality of finding closest identities to face detected in the provided image.



Name: Facial Landmark Prediction

Market name: Facial Landmark Prediction

Definition: Location of facial features (eyes and nose tip) for given face detection.



Name: Flag

Market name: Flag

Definition: System differentiate flagged persons from those that aren't flagged. A simple version of Tags, should be used as a filter for Cases.

Additional explanation: Within the system, Flags are defined by the color, name, and identity number indicated by that flag. The flag is entered manually and is customized




Name: Gender Prediction

Market name: Gender Prediction

Definition: Predict gender of each face found; female or male.




Name: Head Detection

Market name: Head Detection

Definition: Location of detected head in image or video frame.



Name: Head Pose Prediction

Market name: Head Pose Prediction

Definition: Description of how the face is tilted with respect to the camera represented by three angles: yaw, pitch, and roll.



Name: Head Tracks

Market name: Head Tracks

Definition: Sequence of connected head detections over time.



Name: Identity

Market name: Identity

Definition: Known identity (unique person) with related information (name, last seen, etc).



Name: Identity Label

Market name: Identity Label

Definition: Display name of Identity we manually import through Import Identity section.



Name:  Import Identity

Market name: Import Identity

Definition: This button triggers import of new Identitiy.

Additional explanation: It is mandatory to enter the name of that identity and import the image on which the identity is visible.




Name: Invalidate

Market name: Invalidate

Definition: Mark identity as invalidated so it can be merged into other identities.

Additional explanation: It is mandatory to enter the name of that identity and import the image on which the identity is visible.






Name: Live Reports

Market name: Live Reports

Definition: Dashboard that is automatically updated with the most current data available.

Additional explanation: Within the system, Live Reports represent a dashboard that tracks the impact and performance of locations and visualizes it on an interactive map. The view can be filtered by location or camera.





Name: Motion

Market name: Motion

Definition: Time interval in which motion detector detected motion.





Name: Notifications

Market name: Notifications

Definition: Notification delivery to subscribed recipients based on events captured by the system.

Additional explanation: Within the system, Notifications are defined by the event trigger, filter, and destination. Notification status can be Enabled or Disabled.





Name: People Counting

Market name: People Counting

Definition: Counting the number of people per Camera.





Name: Profile

Market name: Profile

Definition: Detailed information about each Identity





Name: Reports

Market name: Reports

Definition: Statistical data collected from the recording environment.

Additional explanation: This term represents statistics summarized in a detailed report for the selected period. It can also be filtered according to a predefined time frame, location or camera.






Name: Sighting

Market name: Sighting

Definition: Sequence of face detections, belonging to a single identity, recorded from one of cameras. One Identitiy can have unlimited number of Sightings. One Sighting can have unlimited number of subframes. For example, if person is on the camera for 1 hour, Sighting will have 90000 subframes (25fps * 60s * 60min).



Name: Similar

Market name: Similar

Definition: List of people that look similar to certain Identity.



Name: Subscription(s)

Market name: Subscription(s)

Definition: An arrangement to receive notifications.





Name: Thumbnail

Market name: Thumbnail

Definition: Binary image storage - used for Detections, Sightings, Cameras and Identities.



Name: Timeline

Market name: Timeline

Definition: Chronological view of recorded video footage, along with recorded events through time.

Additional explanation: Name Timeline is used for two things: 1) Page, and 2) Widget. In this case, definition is for Widget, which is used for navigating recordings and events (e.g. sighted Identities).






Name: Unique Visitor(s)

Market name: Unique Visitor(s)

Definition: Total number of unique Identities in a given time frame.

Additional explanation: This term represents total number of single (unique) Identities that make up all Sightings in a particular time period, e.g. week. Unique Visitors are usually analyzed in correlation with Active Visitors. Throughout application, term mostly comes in plural.






Name: Validate

Market name: Validate

Definition: Mark Identity as validated, it will never be merged into other identities, but other nonvalidated identities can be merged into it.





Name: Worker

Market name: Worker

Definition: Definition of a deployed Vision process capable of handling multiple live streams. It can be seen as a service responisble for processing streams. It decodes frames, extracts data from frames, synchronizes identities, handls recovery of errors with streams. It can process more than one parallel streams. Each camera needs to be assigned to particular Worker in order to be processed. Worker that is marked with "Deafult" flag represents Worker that new cameras initially get assigned to.