What are the Saved Views?


Written by NSoft Vision


The saved view is a one-click shortcut selector of one or multiple previously saved filtered items. The purpose of a saved view in any section is the user-friendly and easy custom-saved creation and editing based on filtering options inside the Tree Menu of every section.
Depending on the section inside the user interface, items can differ in types and amounts. Still, saved views generally follow the same basic principles across all sections.

Saved Views are available in the following sections:
1. baseline_live_tv_black_18dp.pngLive View  2. baseline_folder_open_black_18dp.pngDirectory  3. baseline_description_black_18dp.pngReports and baseline_timelapse_black_18dp.pngLive Reports.
Created Saved Views are displayed inside the Tree Menu and are named "Saved Views".
Saved views are not synced across Vision sections. Meaning, that each Saved view created on a particular section refers only to items in that section. (e.g. Saved views from Live View would not work inside the Reports section, and vice-versa)
Unlike Labels, the Saved view is personal and applies only to the account where it is created, while Labels apply to the entire space.