Managing Labels


Written by NSoft Vision


Labels is a concept of camera grouping in Vision VMS that allows filtering of cameras from multiple locations at the level of one space.

Labels are created via the Control Panel and are a space-level setting only. If we need to change it, we can do it through the Control Panel.

Each created Label is visible to all users through the system and system sections. 


So, when the user accesses the control panel section, then click on the subsection Labels.


To create a Label, the user has a [+] button at the bottom of the page. Clicking the [+] button triggers the Fly-out pop-up with the following content. The fly-out pop-up has several steps.


Create a new Label [step one]

In that step, we make the name and description of the Label.

Please select the cameras you want to save into the Label. 


Create a new Label [step two]

The second step is the Camera selection.

In this step, we have options to filter space, location, cameras, the camera's status, and the type of processing.

The user needs to select the checkbox to select the cameras they want to place on a label. Once the user has selected the desired cameras (checkbox), you can save the Label.


For removing cameras from Labels, the user can select one or more camera checkboxes.